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October is Family History Month.  Here at Star Photo we are really good at helping preserve, protect and promote family history through photography. We can scan photos, put them on a dvd or flash drive or create a collage that will be enjoyed for generations to come. We can bring […]

Family Photos, New Tools and Precious Moments

Summer Memories                   Every Summer has a Story Sometimes all it takes is a glimpse at an old photograph to bring it back. The smell of suntan oil. The sound of the gulls squabbling at the seashore. The safe feeling you had when wrapped up in a towel at the end […]

Every Summer has a Story

  Meet the Staff of Star Photo Digital Arts More info on our incredible staff –   Kathy Wehrley has been a student of photography most of her life, receiving her first camera at age 12. In the early 1980’s she worked for Odell’s (camera store and lab), while teaching […]

Meet the Staff