Old Photos (And home movies) Archiving

Enjoy Your Home Moves Again 

Video Transfer

We can do transfers to DVD, or VHS from several different sources.

We can copy from DVD, VHS, VHS-C, 8mm, and Mini DV or any format of movie film. Of if you have a different format, just bring your camera in with you, and we can use it to transfer from.

We can also transfer from your digital camera cards.

There’s no reason no to enjoy those videos anymore. Just leave it to us.

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 Photo Restorations


Bring us your torn, your faded, your neglected photographs, yearning to be restored. Let us take your distressed photos, and return them to cherished memory status.

With prices starting at less than $40.00, we can turn your old photo into something to be proud of, and hand down. You will receive an 8×10 of your image beautifully restored, as well as a copy of the restored image stored on CD, that will enable you to get additional reprints at anytime, without having to have the work done again.

And beyond just repairing an image, we can remove distracting items in a background, or remove you from the background and replace it entirely.

We can also take your Black & White picture, and colorize it, give those old Black & White some color, you’ll be amazed.

Or try an art treatment; it’s a little bit photo, and a little bit painting. And any way you look at it, it gives a great new look.

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 Photo, Film,and Slide Scanning

Scanning Services

At Star Photo we can provide the scanning services you need to bring your old photos into the 21st century.

We can scan your old negatives for you, and store them on CD, or DVD for you, plus we can make prints too. We can handle quite a few formats of negatives, through our Noritsu 3101. But those old forgotten formats can still be done other ways. So don’t give up.

Just like the old negatives, we can scan your old slides too. And just like the old negatives, we can do anything with them, that you need.

Needing your old prints scanned is no problem here at Star Photo. We have several different ways to do it to meet your needs.


Shoebox Scans

We can take up to 500 of your photos and scan them to CD, or DVD for one low price. There’s no need to fight over the old family photos any more. Now everyone can have them. Just organize them by size, and all facing the same way, and we’ll take from there.

After the scans, we can turn the images into a slideshow for you, or we can make new prints for you to share. If you wish we can make additional copies of the images on CD, or DVD. Whatever the need, we’re here for you.

We also do individual photo scanning if you only have a few photos that you need scanned.

 Click here fore more information on Photo scanning.


Film Scanning

You old negatives can still be scanned and printed. From just the occasional negative to sleeves of old negatives, we’ve got just the right service for you.

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Slide Scanning

 If you have acquired a box, or boxes of old slides we can turn them into something to be viewed and enjoyed again. Let us blow off the dust and digitize them. Once that is done the sky is the limit on what can be done with them.

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