Photo Restorations

No matter what’s wrong with your photo,

we’ve seen it before. And we’ve fixed it.

Old-fashioned artistry with digital technology to repair stained,

spotted, torn, cracked, bleached and faded images like yours every day.

To make sure your photo gets all the work it needs, we charge through an easy 5 category system to make it easy for you. And if we can’t fix it, we won’t charge you.

We have experience restoring photos of all shapes, sizes and levels of difficulty. If you live in Indiana (or anywhere else) and have a photo restoration need, find your photos that need restoration and Star Photo will do the rest.

Restoration Pricing





All restorations include an 8×10 print and a digital negative. 


Restoration Pricing

Light $39.95
Light damage in non-detail areas.
Medium $59.95

Spots and scratches affecting but not obliterating subject . Color enhancement or colorization of an intact photo.  Add or delete one person in a group, or change background

Medium-Heavy $79.95

Tear in photo affecting but not obliterating subject. Repair spots and scratches PLUS color enhancement. Add or delete one person PLUS change background.
Repair photo damage and change Oval to Portrait format. Other jobs between Medium and Heavy

Heavy $99.95

Extensive spotting, scratches or fading affecting entire photo. Extensive damage to detail area plus colorization or color  enhancement. Extensive photo damage PLUS change Oval to Portrait format
Medium restoration PLUS colorization, background change, adding or removing people, etc.

Group-Heavy $129.95

Extensive damage to detail areas with three or more people. Multiple services to a group photo. Medium-Heavy restoration PLUS colorization, background change, adding or removing people, etc.