Photo Scanning

What Can You Do With Old Photos?

Everyone has old photos sitting around in drawers, boxes, and envelopes. We’ve all promised to do something about it, but it’s funny how we never seem to get around to it. Star Photo will take the job off of your hands.

Bring us your old photos, we will digitally archive them for you, and store them on disc. Do you Photos to Discneed extra copies of your new digital files, that’s no problem at all. Just let us know how many copies you need, and we will be happy to take care of that too. 


Shoe Box Scans

What is a Shoebox Scan?
Shoebox Scans are designed for quick scanning of large print quantities. We carefully scan your images and save them to disc for archiving, viewing & ordering.
Shoe Box Scans are converted to 300 PPI digital images at the size of the original print.

Box of photos shoebox


Up to 50 Photos  $24.99 
100 Photos $39.99
200 Photos $59.99
500 Photos $99.99
Extra Disc $4.99
8×10 Contact Sheets $2.99
600 DPI Upgrade +50%

If you don’t have exactly 50, or 100 photos, we will prorate for quantities between the price breaks.

Photos for bulk scanning must be on plain paper, unmounted, not torn, bent, or sticky and between 8×10 and standard wallet size. Copyrighted images cannot be scanned without permission.

Click here to download ordering form and instructions for Shoebox Scans.


Professional Digital Copy Negatives and Negatives from Slides

Need an extra copy of that old photo?  Did you lose the negatives? We can make digital copy negatives from your old photos and slides. This is our highest quality scan.


 Digital Copy Negatives



1-4 $4.00
5-10 $3.00
11-24 $2.00
25+ $1.50


Studio Copy Negatives

Some prints can’t be scanned on a conventional scanner. For 12×16 prints and larger, framed prints, original artwork, or 3 dimensional items we can capture an image with carefully controlled lighting in our studio.

$15.00 per original Prints up to 48 inches long
$25.00 per original

Oversized or special artwork.


Negatives from 35mm slides

Slides  Price
1 $4.00 ea
2-10 $3.00 ea
11-25 $2.00 ea
26-50 $1.50 ea
51-99 $1.00 ea
100+ $0.75 ea

Detailed instructions to prepare slides for scanning.

Once your photos are stored on CD, the sky is the limit of what can be done.

Posters – Books – Calendars – Prints – DVD Slideshows – Collages – Greeting Cards and more.


Photo Restorations

Damaged treasured photos can be restored to their old glory (or we can even make them even better.) When you say, “Restore it!”, you’ll receive an 8×10 of the restored image, as well as the restored image stored safely on CD! 


All restorations are priced on a quote based on the estimated time it will take the restoration artist to restore your photo.

Click here for more information on photo restorations.


DVD Slideshows

Let your old pictures out of the box! Star Photo will turn your old images, slides, and digital files into beautiful photo slideshows that will play on your TV or DVD player. Order some extra copies to share with friends and family. Click here for more information on DVD slideshows.

One photo or thousands, it doesn’t matter. We’ll do it for you.

 Click here for more information on DVD Slideshows.