DVD Slideshows

Use your own photos, and video clips to create DVD slideshows that will thrill.


 You can make your slideshow as simple as you want it to be. Menus and chapters can be used to allow ease of browsing. Add music, video clips, custom panning and transitions for a show that will be watched again, and again.


 Slideshows start with your digital images, but don’t worry if you have old photos, or slides instead of digital images, we can convert them to digital.

Click here for details about converting your photos & slides to digital.


Bring in the music you want to use for your slideshow on CD, labeled for sequence.


Add video clips from your digital camera, just bring them in on CD, memory card, or jump drive.


Typically an image is displayed for seven seconds, with a three second transition to the next image; this allows six images to be viewed per minute. So a fifty image slideshow would run approximately eight and a half minutes. We have found this is the optimal viewing time for each image, so that everyone has the chance to view the image, but not so long as to have people get bored.


 DVD Slideshows

Basic Slideshow – includes first 50 digital images  $30.00
Each additional digital image $0.30
Menu & Chapters $5.00
Music $5.00 per song
Title screens $5.00 per page
Captions $1.00 per caption
Video clips $0.50 per minute
Video clips only $20.00 minimum
Digital images from prints or slides – 1st image $4.95
Digital images from prints or slides – additional images $0.75


Additional DVD Copies

 1 Copy  $15.00
2-10 Copies $10.99
 11-25 Copies  $7.99
 26-99 Copies  $3.99
 100+ Copies  $1.99